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Today's Games
6:00 PM - Big Chungus v Inter Milan
6:25 PM - Enka Legends v Bearcats
6:50 PM - Roberson FC v Big Chungus
7:15 PM - Big Chungus v Big Chungus

2019 Holiday Coed Sundays
2019 Holiday Coed Thursdsay
2019 Holiday High School Girls
2019 Holiday Men's Mondays
2019 Holiday Men's Tuesdays
2019 Holiday Middle School Boys

Adult Sunday Coed is Full
1/16/2020 4:48 PM
Registration is closed for this group this season.

2020 Winter League and Little Kick Registration
1/9/2020 9:23 PM
ARC Indoor Soccer Community,
We are excited to announce that registration is open for both Winter leagues for youth and adult, as well as Little kicks for 2-5 year olds. 
Our leagues are as follows:
Sunday January 19th our leagues begin, Women's league from 4-7pm and Sunday Coed, 7-10pm. 80$ per player.
Monday, January 20th, Men's A Divsion from 6:30-10pm, 80$ per player.
Tuesday, January 21st, Men's B Divison from 6:30-10pm, 80$ per player.
Wednesday, January 22nd, Over 30 League from 6:30-10pm, 80$ per player
Thursday, January 23rd, Coed A Division from 6:30-10pm, 80$ per player
Friday, January 24th, JV Boys 5:45-8:00pm, and High School Boys from 8:00-10pm, 625$ per team  
Saturday, January 25th, U10, 11-1:15pm, U12 1:15-3pm, Middle School boys 5-9:30pm. 625$ per team
Each leaguse consists of 8 week roundroubin league play, plus single-elimination Tournament, seeding based on season standings.
2020 Winter Little Kicks
Thanks for registering for the Little Kicks Winter 2020.  Coach Angie is so excited for this class!  Please see the important reminders below:
*Ages 2-3 play from 4:15-5:oopm.
*Ages 4-5 play from 5:00-5:45pm 
* Class Dates: Monday and Friday 1/27, 1/31, 2/3, 2/7, 2/10, 2/14, 2/17, 2/21, 2/14, 2/28, 3/2, 3/6, 3/9, 3/13, 3/16, and 3/20
Registration is for all Mondays, all Fridays, or All days both Monday and Friday. One day a week for 8 weeks, costs $120 for non-ARC members. Members pay $95. Both days costs $220 for non-ARC members. ARC members pay $170. Siblings receive a $20 discount on final price.
* Participants should wear sneakers and comfy clothing. Please bring water as well!
* Parent participation is always welcome, but not required.       
* Payment is due at the beginning of the first session.  We will be able to process cash, check, or credit card at the field. 
Please contact Indoor Soccer Staff at the ARC South, with any questions at the address below:

2019 Holiday Tournaments are now posted!
12/31/2019 2:50 PM
Hi ARC soccer community. 
We have our Holiday end of season tournaments up on the website. Click on Tournaments, then your desired league, and the schedule is up and availible. We have games starting this weekend, and going straight through to next weekend, when we conclude our Holiday season. Games might shift as we are finalizing some scores which will impact a teams seeding for the tournament. Please be sure to check the schedule against the league results, if all the games are in and scores are posted then the schedule will not change. 
After a short week off to paint the Indoor Arena, we will start back up with registration week and leagues begining January 19th.