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Today's Games
7:15 PM - One World v House Team
8:15 PM - All Butter v Asheville FC
9:15 PM - Mary's Burritos v Asheville FC
10:15 PM - Nene Jr v LOS CHOLOS

2018 Holiday Adult Coed 1st
2018 Holiday Adult Coed 2nd
2018 Holiday Adult Womens
2018 Holiday High School Boys (9th-12th)
2018 Holiday High School Girls (9th-12th)
2018 Holiday JV Boys (9th-11th)
2018 Holiday Men's O30
2018 Holiday Men's Open 1st
2018 Holiday Men's Open 2nd
2018 Holiday U10 (Boys and Girls)
2018 Holiday U12 (Boys and Girls)
2018 Holiday U14 Boys 1st
2018 Holiday U14 Boys 2nd
2018 Holiday U14 Girls
After School Soccer with Coach Schilling

Visit Hamilton's Cafe in ARC Lobby
10/21/2018 12:13 PM
     Hamilton's Cafe is open to our soccer community! Be sure to stop by the Cafe after your next game and enjoy a Beer, Smoothie or Snack. 

After School Soccer Sessions
10/20/2018 3:48 PM
The Asheville Racquet Club South is excited to announce we will be offering an after-school soccer program. This 12-week program will run from November 6th - December 18th. It will be available to elementary age students on Tuesday and Thursday’s from 3:30-5. Each session will offer a mix of skill training and scrimmage play.
This program will be coached by Riley Schilling, an Asheville native with over a decade of experience in the world’s game. Coach Schilling has trained under collegiate, international and professional coaches from across the America’s and the UK. He has coached and refereed for the US Youth National League, HFC, ABYSA, ABASA and holds the National Youth License from US Soccer. Riley is very excited for the opportunity to work with developing players of all ages at the Asheville Racquet Club South this winter.
Please contact Ashley: for more information. 

2018 Fall Open Champions
10/18/2018 11:27 AM
Hi- Wire is the 2018 Fall open Champions. Congratulations Hi-Wire!