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Today's Games
6:30 PM - Los Cholos v Chirigallos FC
7:25 PM - Hondoras FC v Juventus
8:20 PM - Los Angeles v City FC
9:15 PM - Jimmy's on the river v Los Dons

2019 Holiday Coed Sundays
2019 Holiday Coed Thursdsay
2019 Holiday High School Boys
2019 Holiday High School Girls
2019 Holiday JV Boys
2019 Holiday JV Girls
2019 Holiday Men's Mondays
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2019 Holiday Middle School Boys
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2019 Holiday Womens league

Youth Schedules updated.
11/13/2019 12:06 AM
Please check your schedules, as all youth and high school games have been shifted slightly. We appreciate your patience as we have had a lot of moving parts, but I am happy to say this scheudle should be good for almost every team and up to date. Please send me an email with any issues, and include league and team name, to:

2019 Holiday schedules are being released
11/5/2019 1:20 AM
Hi ARC Soccer community, 
 We are set to start releasing our Holiday schedule. Sorry for delay, we have a lot of teams registering, and still waiting for a couple teams to finish registering. 
 We are excited to see some great soccer, to kick off the Holiday season, starting this Friday, November 8th, we have our High school girls Varsity and JV leagues. U10 and U12 boys will play Saturdays, as will Middle school and High school boys. 

2019 Holiday season schedule coming out today
11/4/2019 2:35 PM
Hi soccer cummunity. 
Our holiday schedules are coming out today. Thanks for your registrations and patience.
Due to extreamly high demand, we have moved High schools boys leagues to Saturdays.